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Emento - For Your team productivity

Our main product is Emento - new generation of enterprise software with "Social" base. One place for all Your communication & collaboration and making quick business decisions.

All Your work happens in different types of Emento workspaces (public workspaces are visible to everyone, private workspaces have limited visibility, secret are hidden).

Emento is company knowledge and awareness platform. It will keep all participants informed and up-to-date, creating rich business context. With Emento, You will spend less time on sending e-mails, phone calls, meetings and paperwork.

Magic Apps - for developers

MagicApps is superb social developers framework and unique integrated software package which contains AppMarket with Applications, Enterprise Social Network (ESN), Application Builder and Application Generator. MagicApps will hide from You all technology complexities and give You extreme productivity in new Apps development, so You can focus only to delivering the business benefits to Your Users. There is no coding here, no need for programming. MagicApps is also fantastic Project Management solution.